History of Jewelry

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No girl can resist the beauty of jewelry. It was known in ancient times. The history of jewelry begins with the moment that man learned how to extract and process metals. Few people knew that many centuries before our times, a simple iron or copper was worth much more than gold. For example, in Ancient Egypt the status of a person specified quantity of copper ornaments on it. In our days, the most popular jewelry are jewelry made of gold and silver. Silver is much cheaper than gold.At the same time, silver jewelry for its beauty is not inferior to gold. Pearl jewelry was discovery much later in history but due to its natural beauty has been awarded high status and demand from rich and famous of their times throughout recorded history.

Author: Pearl Necklace

Pearls is a universal decoration, it is impossible not to admire it, it is impossible to ignore it. No wonder the best among the artists or writers are called the Pearl. Delicate pearl shine created, to set off the beauty of a women, to emphasise her individuality with gorgeous pearl necklace , pearl ring or pearl earrings. A string of pearls or commonly referred to as pearl necklace - is a piece of jewelry that can be worn all the lifetime, it is suitable to a young girl, and serious lady, it will never go out of fashion. Born under the water in the clam shell, pearls have long been attributed to the precious stones, in many cultures and traditions throughout the history of our civilisation. Selecting pearl necklace for personal adornment for classical dress or trending fashion style always have an emotional attachment, it brings magnificent feeling of being beautiful, it is always a pleasure.

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